TCEA 2013

Attending an iCafe session at TCEA 2013? Need to checkout the resources and presentation notes? See the full list of our sessions below with links to resources, presentation notes, and more!


Presenter Session Link
 Chris Nilsson  Advanced Movie Maker



Presenter Session Link
 Jeff Peterson  Making of the Most of Your SMART Board Lessons
 Holly Dornak & Jennifer Mitchell  Promethean Academy:  Get Up & Move



Presenter Session Link
 Robyn Hrivnatz  Don’t Ban it, Bring it – A Lesson in Mobility
 Chad Jones & Chris Nilsson  Staff Development that Works?  Seriously ?!?!
 Robyn Hrivnatz  50 People to Follow
 Jennifer MitchellHolly Dornak & Katie Marchena  Putting the “I” in IWB
 Katie Marchena, Jennifer Mitchell & Holly Dornak  Google Earth Walks
 Holly Dornak & Jennifer Mitchell  Learning that Lasts:  Student ePortfolios
 Amanda Peterson & Jeff Peterson  Travel Bugs + VideoConferencing = GeoConferencing
 Katie Marchena & Jeff Peterson  Bonjour, Hola, Ni Hao:  Tech and Foreign Language
 Robyn Hrivnatz  Windows in the Classroom
 Jessica Dyer & Amanda Peterson  Top 10 Tech Tools for Teachers
 Jessica DyerDusty Roden & Paul Wagner  Google Apps Walk and Talk



Presenter Session Link
 Robyn Hrivnatz  Think Globally, Teach Locally
 Chris Nilsson  iOS Headache?  Get a grip on your devices
 Holly Dornak  & Jessica Dyer  10 Killer iPad Projects Students Will Love
 Chad Jones  Lessons Learned from Buster the Guinea Pig
 Paul WagnerMandy Bryan Dusty Roden  Let’s Get Dig-i-tal!  Dig-i-tal!
 Robyn Hrivnatz  Head in the Clouds



Presenter Session Link
 Robyn Hrivnatz  Get edmodofied!
 Chad Jones  Sailing Down the Backchannel
 Chris Nilsson  iCafe – A Fusion of Technology and Curriculum