Apple’s iOS devices are exploding into the education scene.  They are tremendous tools that provide an enormous amount of opportunity to students of all ages and ability.  There are an overwhelming number of apps already available  through the app store.  The problem many people face is finding effective  apps that are geared toward your curriculum or project ideas.  With all its glory, the app store does not seem to have cornered the market when it comes to searching through it for the app you need.  Searching the app store can quickly become very frustrating.

In an effort to ease this process, here are a few places to start when you begin your search!

TCEA’s iPad List

  • TCEA  has done a great job of listing apps by subject area/activity.  You are able to drill down to a specific skill and find apps that relate to it.  It will also tell you whether the app is free or how much it costs to download.  This is a great place to start.


Kathy Schrock’s App Guide

  • Visit this page to find apps listed by content as well as a number of other useful resources, including tutorials and links to other sites all iOS related.


Tony Vincent’s App List

  • Enjoy a great list of sites with app recommendations, built by Learning in Hand’s Tony Vincent.


App Learning Tasks by Brad Wilson

  • Apps are listed here by subject area.  There is a task idea listed for each app as well as its relation to Boom’s.  This list is brought to you by Brad Wilson of


Have you had your fill yet?  If not, check out these additional sites for even more ideas!


I Education Apps Review




Mind Leap


Apps in Education


Take a look at all of your options here.  You will find a favorite or two and, in the process, discover a few more that will become your go-to sites.  Once you find those new sites, be sure to bookmark and share with others!