Much of our professional life revolves around social media and interaction with others.  Even with the introduction of all the new platforms, email still plays a major role in day to day activities at work.  We must be careful that how we are perceived through email paints a proper picture of ourselves.  On a professional level, there are certain rules that you should follow.  Proper email etiquette is important in establishing and maintaining a good professional relationship.

After doing a little research and discussing this topic with my fellow Instructional Technology Specialists here at Lamar Consolidated ISD, I have come up with a Top 10 List for Email Etiquette.  We recorded a video for it in our studio to share with all of you.  Without further delay, here is ourTop 10 List:

There are many resources, both videos and cheat sheets, concerning email with Outlook 2013 as well as other Office products,  available in our resource section under the Office icon.  To go directly to the Outlook 2013 resources, click here.