An amazing resource our district has access to is Discovery Education, formerly known as United Streaming.  Many teachers already know of and use the thousands of videos that are available to help enhance instruction in their classroom.  Starting a new topic?  Do a quick search and find a great introductory video to start off your lesson.  This has been done for years.  As a teacher, is that all you use Discovery Education for?  If your answer is yes then you are just scratching the surface for what this site can do for you and your students!

Discovery Education is not just for videos.  Many media resources are at your disposal.  Choose from a number of images, audio files, editable clips, encyclopedia entries, writing prompts, and quizzes.  Visit the Teacher Center for lesson plans, thematic units, interactive maps, and calendar options.  Set your students up with accounts through the Classroom Manager, and assign activities for them right through the website.

Sound overwhelming?  It can be!  There are so many options at your fingertips you may not know which one to try first.  Find a focus and start from there.  Ask your CITS to help set up a plan of action with you to let your students access this incredible tool.

To access Discovery Education, visit  Sign in with the username and password assigned to you by the district for Discovery Education.  If you do not know your username and password ask your librarian.  She should be able to help you.

Are you ready to set your students up with accounts?  Visit the “Classroom Manager” tab on the website.  You can use this DE- Classroom Manager cheat sheet to help you get started.

Make Discovery Education your one-stop shop for all your media resources.