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Time for an Update! Eduphoria Plain Paper Scanner App

The next time you try to scan answer documents to add student results in Eduphoria, you might notice that its time to upgrade your scanner software. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your computer has the most recent version of the scanning software.

1. Launch the Plain Paper Scanner-TWAIN App as you normally would and click Next.

2. In the pop up that notifies you that an update is available, select “Click here to download the latest version.”

3. When prompted, click Run.

4. After the update downloads, the wizard will walk you through the process of installing. Simply click Next on each screen to complete the install. Once the install is complete, you will notice TWO PlainPaper Scanner icons on your desktop. Right click on the icon that is “Plain Paper…” and select delete. You will use the icon that says “PlainPaper…TWAIN” for scanning Eduphoria documents!

Now your upgrade is complete and you are ready to scan answer documents!



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Eduphoria – Sharing Tests the Easy Way!

Eduphoria has been an  incredibly powerful tool this school year and we hope it has made the process of creating assessments, scanning in students answer documents, and accessing the test data so much easier! And you know what? We are hoping we can make it even BETTER!

One of the great functions inside Eduphoria Aware is the ability to share assessments, but if you share from your normal teacher account, you essentially are just sharing an answer key…not the test data that could be associated with it…and that’s not cool! We know you need to be able to easily share assessment data and see how you and your team are doing at covering TEKS and teaching our students, so Technology Services and Research & Accountability have come up with a solution for you! This new solution involves a brand new campus account that has the ability to create an answer key, release it to any teacher on your campus, and then the teacher will be able to quickly print out their own answer documents…no need to release it to their students or take any extra steps. And when you scan in the answer documents, they are all being scanned in as a campus assessment, allowing for campus administrators to see the results as a whole and for individual teachers to be able to compare their results with the campus averages!

So how do you do it? Well, your first step is to watch this simple video:

Pretty simple process, right? You will need your campus’s special username, and you can access that by CLICKING HERE! For the password, check with your campus principal. And that’s all you should need! Happy test sharing and let us know how this helps you…and how we can help more!


SMART Response connector for Eduphoria!

The SMART Response connector for eduphoria! is an assessment tool that allows you to use the SMART Response clicker system with the eduphoria! aware assessment program.

Learn how-to get the most out of your SMART Response and eduphoria! aware. Videos 1-3 will take you through the entire process of completing an assessment with the SMART Response connector for eduphoria!

Part 1 – Downloading and installing (3:59)

Part 2 – Creating the assessment within eduphoria! (2:31)

Part 3 – Downloading the SOS and administering the assessment (6:35)

Part 4 – Uploading results at a later time and connector log files (4:40)

Additional Resources:

  1. Click here to download SMART Response connector for eduphoria!
  2. Click here for a SMART Response connector for eduphoria cheat sheet
  3. SMART Notebook File – Using SMART Response connector for eduphoria!
  4. Additional SMART resources on iCafe

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New Buttons in Eduphoria Aware

Eduphoria has had a great start in LCISD this semester! It is such an easy tool to use…and we’ve added a couple of buttons that we think will make it even easier!

Export Grades

One button we’ve added can be found at the top of your screen when you are looking at student results on an assessment. This handy new button is called the “Export Grades” button.

So what does it do? Well…click on it and you’ll find a very nice spreadsheet that has 4 very critical pieces of information: (1) student last name, (2) student first name, (3) student ID number, and (4) the score they made on that assessment. A very easy to pull spreadsheet that can make entering those scores into your gradebook a little bit easier.

Student Tutoring Strips

One report that we have had a lot of requests for is student tutoring strips. Well…now you have it! When you are looking at student results for an assessment, in the quick views drop down at the top of the screen, you have a new option called “Student Tutoring Strips”.

If you check out that view, it will pull a screen that ONLY shows what question each student missed. Then you can print that screen as a PDF, cut out each student strip, and hand those to kids for test corrections!

So those are a few of the additions you can now see inside of Eduphoria and we have a few more things coming down the pike, so keep an eye out. If you have other needs inside of Eduphoria, please let us know in the comments below and we will see what we can do to make that happen!

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