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Best of the Week – December 14, 2012


Each week our Instructional Technology Team meets and shares the best ideas that crossed our Twitter feeds, RSS Readers, and minds as we were out working with teachers.  Recently it occurred to us that we should be sharing our Best of the Week with you all!  So here’s this week’s installment.  Enjoy!




Digital Footprints

This week there was lots of great discussion about the need for parent and students to become more familiar with the importance of creating a digital footprint to be proud of.

Two Resources that were mentioned as tools that may be used as our district develops a plan for a Digital Parent Education Night are Eanes ISD Digital Parent Night Panel Discussion and LOL…OMG by Matt Ivester

In terms of assisting students to become more web-literate, Alan November has some great resources for teachers as they begin to plan lessons. In Addition, a-Google-A-Day is a fun way to challenge students to validate what they find on the internet.

Algebra I Quiz Bowl – Video Conference

This week our Math Curriculum Specialist, Pam Palmer collaborated with our Technology Development Team in order to begin planning the first annual Algebra Bowl which will invite Algebra I students to participate via video conference in the (hopefully) annual event. Interested in challenging our kiddos?  Let us know!

#TXed Twitter Chat

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Mark Wednesday evening as “booked” on your calendar – and spend some time discovering all the great things educators throughout Texas are up to via the #TXed Twitter chat.  Brilliant minds and brilliant questions.  Don’t miss out!



LEGO Creationary

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It builds, you guess!  Play collaboratively!



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Turn your iOS device into a collaborative whiteboard.


Red Stamp

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Challenge your class to create, write and send cards to one another via email!  Authentic writing, anyone?



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Use a Teacher iPad to control the content viewed on student iPads.  COOL!


Animation Desk

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Intuitive drawing environment that can be used to build animated movies.




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Share your computer display with up to 5 devices with web browsers for FREE!


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Collection of high quality, common-core aligned lessons.  And the best part?  Learnzillion is a FREE APP within Edmodo – so teachers can assign tasks and post resources to students from directly within edmodo.


YouTube EDU

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YouTube is FULL of great content to share with your students.  On the downside, it’s full of a bunch of…well, you know, as well.  Enter the EDU portal of YouTube.  Search by grade level, category, and keyword to find exactly what you need…without having to worry about all the inappropriate junk that might pop up on the side!


Mapping Media to the Curriculum

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Choose from the menu board what you want students to create and you’re instantly given lesson ideas, an over view of the project’s work-flow and links to additional resources. A “MUST FAVORITE” site for any educator.


Free Music Archive

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Great resource for educators who need to collect royalty free music to use for video/audio projects.  Caution:  Some songs include lyrics that are not “student friendly” and for this reason, we would like to caution you to limit the use of this site to “educator use only.”




Debut Video Capture

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Capture video from your PC and output to a variety of formats.

Note:  Be sure to uncheck the “Ask” tool bar ad-ins during installation.



Can Texas Secede?

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Spoiler Alert:  No – But it sure is interesting to discuss why not!








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What kid wouldn’t want to create a dollhouse they wired themselves?

Goldie Blox

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Engineering toy designed to inspire invention and problem solving.


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Wirelessly connect your iPad to any TV or Projector – Great for those of us on networks that aren’t able to use Apple TV!

Saw Stop

Innovative new braking system stops table saw when it touches flesh, minimizing and even eliminating injury.  Check out the hot dog video!


LCISD Edmodo Communities



Imagine an online community where LCISD teachers, staff members, and administrators can connect to share lesson ideas and easily collaborate to plan amazing instructional units together.   Sounds a little too good to be believed right?  Well, BELIEVE it!  LCISD edmodo communities are now open.  These communities are a place to share ideas, files and more!  LCISD teachers, staff members, and administrators can request access to LCISD’s edmodo communities by clicking the links below.  Please note that becoming a verified member may take up to 24 hours.  Don’t see a community below that suits your needs?  Contact the LCISD Edmodo Administrator and make a request!

Join a Community Today!

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Skype with an Author for World Read Aloud Day

Next Wednesday, March 7th is World Read Aloud Day.  In honor of the day, many authors have offered to connect with classrooms around the world – read aloud for a few minutes and answer student questions.  If you would like to participate, here is what you need:

  1.  Access to a working webcam (ask your CITS if you need help…most district laptops or netbooks have webcams)
  2. Skype installed on the computer connected to the webcam.  CLICK HERE to download Skype
  3. A free Skype Account (once you download the program, skype will walk you through logging in, or creating an account)
  4. An author …or even another classroom to connect to!

Not sure how to connect with a published author? No problem!  Author, Kate Messner, has provided a great list of authors who are willing to connect.  Just CLICK HERE to check out her list.  Want to know more about World Read Aloud Day, or find lists of additional authors?  Check out Kate’s post on The Digital Shift

Keep in mind, your campus CITS is here to support you – and will happily help you get this project rolling!

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Getting the most out of TCEA…even if you aren’t there!

This week is TCEA week! YAY! The entire iCafe team has headed to Austin for the Texas Computer Education Association conference where thousands of educators come together to share ideas, collaborate, and gather ways to integrate technology in the classroom! It’s a great week of learning and connecting with other educators as well as getting sneak peeks from the world of ed. tech on what you will see in the classroom very soon!

Sounds really fun, huh?

But maybe you’re like me and you aren’t at TCEA, so that opening paragraph mostly just frustrated you because you aren’t getting to be a part of all the fun. But wait!! That’s not true! You CAN be a part of all the learning and fun…by following the iCafe team on Twitter!

In Twitter, you can use things called “hash tags” to make your comments searchable and oranized. At TCEA, everyone is using the hash tag #tcea2011 and our iCafe team is also using our regular #icafelc tag as well! If you go to the Twitter main page, you can simply search for those terms…you don’t even have to have a Twitter account to do the search!

Twitter Sample from TCEA

So get on Twitter, start searching for those hash tags, and start learning with the iCafe team!

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