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SkyDrive Becomes OneDrive

OneDrive and O365

If you haven’t noticed already, Microsoft’s cloud based storage system, SkyDrive, has been renamed “OneDrive.”  So what does this mean? When logging into Office 365, you’ll notice the OneDrive tab is in the same location as SkyDrive used to be, and the features are exactly the same. The only difference is the name.

If you have already activated your SkyDrive account and synced your district or home computer with SkyDrive, over the next few days you’ll notice the SkyDrive link in your Favorites change to match the new name. If you find that the name in your Favorites remains stuck on SkyDrive Pro or SkyDrive @Lamar Consolidated ISD, as you can see in the screenshots below, don’t worry!  Everything will continue to work. The name will change on its own sometime soon.

Skydrive in Favorites

If you haven’t had a chance to sync Skydrive/OneDrive with your district or home computer – you definitely want to do that!  Syncing the cloud based storage service with your computer allows you easy access to online storage.  So what does THAT mean? Good bye flash drives and hello OneDrive!  Office 365’s OneDrive Pro, provided for you by the district, gives you 20 GB of online storage.  How much is that?  ALOT!!  As a point of comparison, your current H:/ drive is limited to 1/2 GB, so your OneDrive storage capacity is exponentially larger.

Syncing Skydrive/OneDrive with your district AND home computers allows you to easily view and edit any of the documents you’ve saved at school – at home.  No more stressing out at 9 PM that an important file is saved on your flash drive or H:/ drive at school!  To get started you’ll need to log into Office 365 using your district credentials and click on the OneDrive tab to  activate your account.  Then you’ll be able to sync OneDrive to your computer.

You only need to activate your account once, but you will need to go through the syncing process once for every computer you want to have synced.  So for example, you’ll need to go through the syncing process on your district computer, district laptop, as well as your home computer.  Once you’ve synced the computers you use regularly, you’ll be able to drag and drop files into OneDrive, save directly to OneDrive, and work collaboratively by sharing documents with other staff members.

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Spring 2014 Technology Professional Development

Check out the upcoming staff development opportunities being offered by our Instructional Technology Team this spring! Locations details and registration details for each of these 1.5 hour sessions is now posted in ASCEND.


Intro to Office 365

  • Tuesday, January 13 – Section 99873
  • Thursday, Feburary 12 – Section 99876

Why should working from home be any different than working in your classroom or office? With Office 365, work like a pro from wherever you are and on whatever device you have! This session will provide a general overview of all the features in your district Office 365 account – Outlook email, OneDrive for Business, Sites, Lync, and software downloads. Simplify your life – use Office 365.

iPad Product Creation

  • Thursday, January 22 – Section 99874

Tired of "Drill and Kill" apps being used in your  classroom.  Do you want to reach those higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy in a fun way?  Why not use an iPad? In this session, you will not only learn about some great apps to use for creation, but also, some classroom management tips that will get the creative juices flowing. 


iPad Classroom Best Practices

  • Tuesday, January 27 – Section 99875

The iPad is fast becoming a norm in today’s classroom.  Teachers are excited to incorporate them in their students’ learning but often become frustrated with the management aspect of the devices.  This session will walk through best practices for keeping your iPads current and organized.  Learn about restrictions, guided access, and much more.

INTERACT Video Assistance


  • Tuesday, February 17- Section 99878
  • Wednesday, Feburary 25 – Section 99879

This session is for INTERACT Applicants only.  Bring your raw video footage and join members of the Technology Staff Development team to help you combine, finalize, and upload your video application.

PREREQUISITE:  You must bring prerecorded video files with you.  If you do not have video files ready to use for this training, you will not receive DMA credit.

Exploring the Possibilities with Discovery Education

  • Thursday, Feburary 19 – Section 99880

Did you know that Discovery Education has a library of ready-made lesson plans for you to download?  In addition to the library of videos, you have a collection of images and sounds at your fingertips.  Discovery Education is a great tool that has limitless possibilities!  Come spend time with us as we explore the components of Discovery Education and leave with ideas for how to use these tools to make a huge impact in your classroom.

Get in the Mix with Office Mix

  • Tuesday, February 24 – Section 99882

Let’s face it. You’re kind of a big deal… with a lot on your plate. With that in mind, let’s explore Office Mix. Take your PowerPoint presentations and bring them to life as interactive online lessons. From recording audio or video of yourself giving a lecture, to directly writing in the presentation as you would at your whiteboard, to quizzing, to sharing, to seeing how it all worked – Office Mix helps you do it all simply.

Stop Motion

  • Thursday, March 19 – Section 99886

Stop Motion Animation is not just a movie with clay characters, but a fun and effective form of nonlinguistic representation.  Students will apply their knowledge by becoming the creators, photographers, narrators, and directors of their own movies.   Experience Stop Motion Animation through the eyes of a student and walk away with a wealth of ideas on how to use stop motion in your classroom.

Promethean Make & Take

  • Thursday, April 9 – Section 99887

Are you dying to create a great flipchart for your classroom but are unsure where to begin or haven’t made the time to get one made?

Join us for a Promethean Make and Take session.  Come with an idea to work on while a few members of the CITS team are there to help you along the way!  You will leave with a flipchart you created for your students.

Introduction to OneDrive

  • Tuesday, April 28 – Section 99893

Why deal with jump drives, your H: drive, or even carting paperwork to and from work? OneDrive for Business enables you to leave the hassle behind and access your files from anywhere in the world that you have internet access. We will show you how to set these tools up and how to use them to increase your productivity – anywhere, anytime.



Email Etiquette Top 10 List

Much of our professional life revolves around social media and interaction with others.  Even with the introduction of all the new platforms, email still plays a major role in day to day activities at work.  We must be careful that how we are perceived through email paints a proper picture of ourselves.  On a professional level, there are certain rules that you should follow.  Proper email etiquette is important in establishing and maintaining a good professional relationship.

After doing a little research and discussing this topic with my fellow Instructional Technology Specialists here at Lamar Consolidated ISD, I have come up with a Top 10 List for Email Etiquette.  We recorded a video for it in our studio to share with all of you.  Without further delay, here is ourTop 10 List:

There are many resources, both videos and cheat sheets, concerning email with Outlook 2013 as well as other Office products,  available in our resource section under the Office icon.  To go directly to the Outlook 2013 resources, click here.

Fall 2013 Tech Tuesday Thursday Schedule

Here is a list of upcoming staff developments that are being offered by the CITS. All of the following are available for sign up through Ascend and are 1.5 hour sessions that run from 4:15 to 5:45.  Check Ascend for descriptions and locations.

  • Sept 10th – Your New Office – Section # 77312
  • Sept 12th – Introduction to Microsoft OneNote – Section # 77302
  • Sept 17th – Introduction to Microsoft OneNote – Section # 77303
  • Sept 19th – Your New Office – Section # 77313
  • Sept 24th – Edmodo for Beginners – Section # 77306
  • Oct 1st – Elementary iPad Projects – Section # 77307
  • Oct 10th – Digital Media: Creating Video Projects in the Classroom – Section # 77359
  • Oct 15th – Secondary iPad Projects – Section # 77308
  • Oct 24th – Become a Skydrive Pro – Section # 77364
  • Oct 29th – Gamify Your Classroom – Section # 77360
  • Nov 5th – Web LiteracySection # 77314
  • Nov 14th – SMART Notebook Intermediate Training – Section # 77310
  • Nov 19th – Promethean ActivInspire Intermediate Training – Section # 77311

 The following sessions will be 3 hour trainings on Saturday, September 21st

  • Promethean ActivInspire Beginner Training – Section # 77304
  • SMART Notebook Beginning Training – Section # 77305

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INTERACT Academy 2013

Check out all the fun we’re having at this year’s INTERACT Academy!

Note:  Clicking on the slideshow above will redirect you to Picasa Web where you can download or print photos.

T3 – 2013 Teaching Through Technology Conference

T3 - Teaching Through Technology

T3 2013 – Mark Your Calendar!

We are so excited to announce the date for this year’s T3 – Teaching Through Technology – Conference. T3 is a one day conference put on by the LCISD Technology Staff Development team where teachers, technologists, trainers, and more come together to share ideas and learn from each other on how they use technology in their classrooms! The goal is to learn the best instructional practices for integrating technology in the classroom. So, here are a few of the details for you:

Date: Tuesday, August 6th

Time: 8:30 – 4:30

Where: Reading Junior High

Register to Attend!

Maybe you aren’t interested in presenting, but you definitely want to attend. Well, be sure to register now before we run out of space! This conference day is open to any educators inside or outside of LCISD, so invite your friends! Visit the registration page to reserve your spot now!


iCafe at TCEA 2013

TCEA 2013

Attending an iCafe session at TCEA 2013? Need to checkout the resources and presentation notes? See the full list of our sessions below with links to resources, presentation notes, and more!


Presenter Session Link
 Chris Nilsson  Advanced Movie Maker



Presenter Session Link
 Jeff Peterson  Making of the Most of Your SMART Board Lessons
 Holly Dornak & Jennifer Mitchell  Promethean Academy:  Get Up & Move



Presenter Session Link
 Robyn Hrivnatz  Don’t Ban it, Bring it – A Lesson in Mobility
 Chad Jones & Chris Nilsson  Staff Development that Works?  Seriously ?!?!
 Robyn Hrivnatz  50 People to Follow
 Jennifer MitchellHolly Dornak & Katie Marchena  Putting the “I” in IWB
 Katie Marchena, Jennifer Mitchell & Holly Dornak  Google Earth Walks
 Holly Dornak & Jennifer Mitchell  Learning that Lasts:  Student ePortfolios
 Amanda Peterson & Jeff Peterson  Travel Bugs + VideoConferencing = GeoConferencing
 Katie Marchena & Jeff Peterson  Bonjour, Hola, Ni Hao:  Tech and Foreign Language
 Robyn Hrivnatz  Windows in the Classroom
 Jessica Dyer & Amanda Peterson  Top 10 Tech Tools for Teachers
 Jessica DyerDusty Roden & Paul Wagner  Google Apps Walk and Talk



Presenter Session Link
 Robyn Hrivnatz  Think Globally, Teach Locally
 Chris Nilsson  iOS Headache?  Get a grip on your devices
 Holly Dornak  & Jessica Dyer  10 Killer iPad Projects Students Will Love
 Chad Jones  Lessons Learned from Buster the Guinea Pig
 Paul WagnerMandy Bryan Dusty Roden  Let’s Get Dig-i-tal!  Dig-i-tal!
 Robyn Hrivnatz  Head in the Clouds



Presenter Session Link
 Robyn Hrivnatz  Get edmodofied!
 Chad Jones  Sailing Down the Backchannel
 Chris Nilsson  iCafe – A Fusion of Technology and Curriculum

It’s Coming…INTERACT 2013

Are you ready?   INTERACT 2013 is on it’s WAY!!


INTERACT is a week long learning experience for teachers across our district in which attendees are invited to explore some of the best research-backed teaching strategies while being immersed in the all of the amazing technology resources available here in LCISD! The week of INTERACT is one of the most amazing, fun, fulfilling, and meaningful learning experiences we get to be a part of…and we want you to be a part of it too!

Here are some important dates to remember as you plan to be a part of INTERACT 2013:

SAVE THE DATE: INTERACT 2013 will be held June 10 – 14; 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


  • Application window is open from Jan. 7 – February 28
  • Your Team’s “Intent to Apply” form MUST be submitted by Jan. 31  (see below)
  • Your Team’s Application will be video based – more details to come!


  • Teams must contain 2-4 members
  • Teams must represent at least two grade levels for Elementary or two subject areas for Secondary
  • Optional:  Teams may contain one specialist (Facilitator, Special Ed, etc.) per team

Oh yeah…and after attending, you get to outfit your team with the technology tools that best suit you and your students!

So start planning now! Get those teams together, start brainstorming some possible ideas on what you might like to say in your video application, and check back with the iCafe blog soon for more details!

Ready to Apply?!

One participant per team must follow both of the links below by the dates noted.  (Team Video Application Information Coming Soon.)

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Fall Tech Tuesday/Thursday Staff Development Schedule

Our technology staff development schedule is set!  Are you ready for some awesome after-school sessions? The CITS team is excited about the fall staff development lineup. Check out the fall lineup below.
Each Tuesday/Thursday training  will be held in the Development Center from 4:15 to 5:45 p.m.  Sign up for these sessions in ASCEND.

Tech Tuesday/Thursday Staff Development Schedule – Fall 2012

Thursday September 20  from 4:15 to 5:45
LiveBinders presented by Amanda Peterson and Shari Stanley Section #55475

Tuesday, September 25 from 4:15 to 5:45
50 People to Follow presented by Robyn Hrivnatz and Paul Wagner Section #55476

Tuesday, October 2 from 4:15 to 5:45
Get edmodofied! presented by Holly Dornak & Robyn Hrivnatz Section #55477

Thursday, October, 11 from 4:15 to 5:45
iPad 101  presented by Amanda Peterson and Paul Wagner Section #55478

Tuesday, October 16 from 4:15 to 5:45
10 Killer iPad Projects Students will Love presented by Holly Dornak and  Jessica Dyer Section #55479

Thursday, October 18 from 4:15 to 5:45
Intermediate SMART Notebook presented by Jeff Peterson Section #55480

Thursday, October 25 from 4:15 to 5:45
Get edmodofied!  presented by Jennifer Mitchell and Paul Wagner Section #55481

Tuesday, October 30 from 4:15 to 5:45
 iPad 101 presented by Katie Marchena Section #55482

Thursday, November 1 from 4:15 to 5:45
Putting the “I” Back in IWB presented by Holly Dornak and Jennifer Mitchell Section #55483

Tuesday, November 8 from 4:15 to 5:45
iTeach Math/Science presented by Amanda Peterson and Katie Marchena Section #55484

Tuesday, November 13 from 4:15 to 5:45
iTeach ELA/SS presented by Jennifer Mitchell Section #55485

Thursday, November 29 from 4:15 to 5:45
OneNote presented by Robyn Hrivnatz and Jeff Peterson Section #55486

Tuesday, December 4 from 4:15 to 5:45
Are Our Learners Really Web Literate? Presented by Robyn Hrivnatz and Jessica Dyer Section #55487

Below are the Saturday Staff Development Sessions the CITS Team will be offering this fall. Sign up for these sessions in ASCEND.
Please determine which type of Interactive White Board you have on campus prior to signing up for a session.

IWB Staff Development Opportunity
October 6th from 8:30-11:30

Promethean ActivInspire at Lamar High School Research Lab
o Beginner Promethean Section #55488
o Intermediate Promethean Section #55489

SMART Notebook at Lamar Junior High
o Beginner SMART Section #55491
o Intermediate SMART Section #55490

LCISD New Teachers

Welcome to LCISD! This post will give you all sorts of great information and support on using technology effectively in our district! Below you will find a link to many of the resources you will need to be successful as you start your year – just click on the new teacher box and you will be on your way! And of course, if you need any additional help, contact your Campus Instructional Technology Specialist or give the Help Desk a call at ext. 0220.

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