Name: Chris Nilsson
Twitter: @ChrisNilsson
About: Chris began teaching in 2000 as an AP Physics teacher in Fort Bend ISD. During that time he was privileged to learn from some amazing teachers and teach some amazing kids! He has always been a self-professed "technology nerd" and in 2004 began the next phase of his career as an Instructional Technology Specialist for Fort Bend ISD.
As an Instructional Technology Specialist, Chris continued to strengthen his philosophy of education, instructional reform, and effective technology integration.
In 2008 Chris was blessed with the opportunity to join Lamar CISD as the Instructional Technology Coordinator. He now implements many of the reforms that he believes can change how technology integration and staff development are put in to action. This site is an example of those changes…a place for teachers to come for information, training, and collaboration. Chris strongly believes that if you provide excellent professional learning opportunities and never let teachers doubt that they are supported, you will see people do amazing things!
Chris views his staff as "agents of change" working to evolve the way Technology Integration is approached throughout the country and feels privileged to help drive this change..