Groupwise is gone.  Let us take a moment to reflect…

OK people…that’s long enough…let’s move on to something bigger and BETTER.  Outlook here we come!

Outlook Webmail Logo

Microsoft Outlook gives you practically everything Groupwise had to offer plus much more.  It is always a little nerve-racking when you are learning a new program, so we are going to do our best to make this as easy of a transition as we can.  You have already conquered the hard part, making the switch.  You have already learned how to send and receive emails.  I would like to take some time to talk about other functions that I think you will find helpful.  These options are all available using the web version of Outlook.

Creating a Contact

Are you tired of having to type in a person’s email address each time you want to contact them?  Maybe you have a parent you like to stay in contact with or a colleague from another district.  Adding them to your contact list will make your life a little easier.  Click here and follow these steps to add anyone you see fit to your contact list.

Creating a Distribution List

We all have a group of contacts that we email often…parents, your team, or even your entire staff.  Typing in each of their names can be a hassle, especially if it is a large group.  Outlook allows you to make distribution lists.  Each list can contain multiple people from your contacts.  When you want to email that group, simply select that distribution list.  To learn how to create distribution lists, click here.

Creating a Signature

You can create a signature for all of your emails so that it is automatically attached to any email you send.  Your name, position, and contact information will always be included with your email.   To find out how to create and include your signature click here.

Creating Appointments in Your Calendar

Outlook has a calendar, which allows you to organize your time efficiently and ensures you do not miss important obligations.  You can create an appointment for a one-time event or an event that occurs multiple times over a period of time.  You can also invite people to attend an event through your calendar (another way to use your contacts and distribution lists!).  To find out more about the calendar and how to create and edit appointments click here.

Out of Office Assistant

When you know you are going to be out for a number of days, or even just one day, it is always nice to have an automated response for your email.  With this feature, people will not be expecting an immediate reply to their emails, which can save you headaches in the future.  Outlook has an Out of Office Assistant to help you create a rule letting others know when you are not available.  Click here to learn more.

All of these cheat sheets will be available in the resource section of iCafe.  We will also be adding more as time goes by.  Check back to see other functions Outlook has to offer.