As our network changes, so do the settings in Internet Explorer – and these changes can sometimes be very frustrating!!  Here are a couple of quick tech tips to help keep you from going nuts!



Tip #1 – Solve 90% of computer related tech issues

Did you know that the vast majority of computer related tech issues can be solved by shutting your computer down regularly each night and restarting when you get to school in the morning?  I know, I know, it’s a pain, and sometimes you forget, or sometimes there is just not time to close everything out and shut down…but then…computer issues are a pain too right?  My suggestion??  Make “computer booter” one of the jobs on your weekly job chart.  Instruct students on how to properly shut down computers and laptops each afternoon before they go home and that will lessen some stress on you!

If you’re having computer related tech issues, be sure to report them promptly by calling extension 0220 on your district phone.  What can’t be solved by restarting your computer, can often be solved over the phone!  The help-desk team is here to help, and can often help you solve the issue through remote access to your computer, or a little simple trouble-shooting.  If the help-desk doesn’t know you’re having a problem, then they can’t help to fix it.  So…report those issues!!!


Tip #2 – Where did my Favorites Bar go?

Tip #3 – How can I reset my homepage to the LCISD homepage?

Often the text and images that pop up on the MSN homepage are less than student friendly.  To change your homepage:

  1. CLICK HERE to view LCISD’s homepage
  2. Click the small drop down arrow, next to the home icon on your Internet Explorer menu bar
  3. Select Add or change home page
  4. Select Use this webpage as your only home page
  5. Select Yes

**I suggest training a team of 3-4 students in your classroom to make these changes.  Students love to be “Techsperts”!


Tip #4 – Opening a new tab

Like many other browsers, Internet Explorer allows you to have multiple webpage tabs open within 1 window.  Simply click the “new tab” icon, next to your web page’s current tab to open.  (or press Control + T on your keyboard)

Tip #5 – Where on earth is the search box?

Internet Explorer 9 now only has 1 “box” at the top.  Users can now use the same “box” to enter either a URL (internet address) or a search term.